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I Left Her On the Street in New York – Pearl S. Buck Book

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While I was wandering down long broad avenues thinking of troubles that I had created with words I came upon a group of books.  As I crossed a windy street I saw four books piled on a utility box.  Like a platform at chest height I examined the four volumes.  A hardcover copy of James Joyce ‘Ulysses’ the same edition I had at home.   The same edition that is sitting on my parlor  couch right now.  Not completely digested.

I had been thinking of Turgenev’s ‘Sketches From a Hunter’s Notebook’ in relation to my word problems.  The book was there in front of me.  

I forget what the fourth book was.

My house is full of books because I can not resist the pull and gravity of the words on the page in a story bound together.  But, I was in New York on foot with a backpack and traveling light.  I decided I could only take ‘The Sketches From a Hunter’s Notebook.’ 

I reluctantly looked at the bright yellow cover of Pearl S. Buck’s ‘The Good Earth.’ 

I read the book in college and was enchanted by the world of the 1930’s China.  Like another planet for me in Boston, Massachusetts.  Or Connecticut where I went to college. 

In high school and college I read a lot of East Asia history and loved reading novels set in China.  Eventually I saw the movie made from Pearl S. Buck’s book.

The full movie is available on Youtube – for $2.99.  Here is a scene.

Youtube also has the audio book.

Honestly, I don’t know what a Chinese person would think of the book.  Pearl S. Buck was the American daughter of a Christian missionary in China.  She may have written a perceptive, accurate book.  But I am no judge of that.  I knew ‘The Good Earth’ was a good story with some basic human truths. 

So I was pleased to find the book again for free.  I was at the local community school when I stepped over to the ‘Take a Book – Leave a Book’ shelf in the lobby.  I had left a few books there last summer and had picked up a few.

The first volume that caught my eye was Pearl S. Buck’s ‘The Good Earth’ in the same yellow edition I had left behind in New York City.  I hesitated.  I have enough books in my house.  I have too many books in my house.  But my father said, “You can never have too many books.”  Put the book back on the shelf.  I thought of my apartment becoming minimalist.  I picked the book up and looked at the cheery yellow cover.  What harm could one more book do?  I took the book with me as I walked outside.  I could always bring the book back and donate it again, I thought. 

book camp free

So I had the book in my hands and took a picture with my phone and emailed a copy to myself.

Good Earth Tree


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