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Saudis Bought the Most Expensive US ‘Defense’ Systems – The Systems Failed to Defend the Oil Plants – 20 Sept 2019

The American Made Patriot and Aegis Systems Are Designed to Make Money and Scare Opponents – Apparently, They Don’t Actually Stop Incoming Missiles and Drones

Saudi Patriots

The Houthi rebels in Yemen say that they have the intelligence and simple training required to launch drones and missiles that they have gotten from Iran.  Over the last four years the Houthis have been under a callous attack by Saudi Arabia backed and aimed by US satellite intelligence and mid-air refueling and who knows what else?


(Houthi Military Leader Brigadier Yahya Saree Announcing Successful Attack – Protesters Against Saudi Attacks in Yemen)

Two weeks ago Houthis announced their own improved air defense system.

Saudis and UAE forces seem to take particular delight in targeting schools and hospitals and weddings – anywhere people can not fight back and their are no men with sophisticated weapons.  So, the Houthis have tried to bring the war to Saudi Arabia with simple drone attacks at first and a few missiles that hit the Saudi airports.  But as the death toll from Saudi bombing and Saudi sponsored brutal Islamic Jihadist forces the Houthis have fought harder, and smarter.  The attack knocking out 50% of Saudi oil production will surely go down as one of the most successful military operations in this century.

aegis 1

Multiple Patriot missile launchers, Aegis destroyers and radar are supposed to be guarding Saudi airspace, but they failed to stop a massive strike on an oilfield.  They had one job, and they did not work.  The actual properties of the systems seem to be that they are very expensive and advertised around the world to ‘scare’ opponents.  Nobody is as afraid now.

aegus 4

Spending billions and billions and billions the Saudis and Americans smugly assumed no one would dare attack such a system backed by such a comprehensive air-defense and expensive radar.

aegis 3

There are 88 Patriot missile launchers – 52 of them are the latest PAC-3 version – supposed to shield the Saudi norther border.  There are three guided missile destroyers armed with 100 SM-2 missiles in the Persian Gulf monitoring anything coming from Iran.

Apparently these very expensive military systems do not work.

US and Saudi military forces first heard about the attacks when they looked at the news, or heard explosions.  They never saw it coming.

Patriot missile system

The Patriot and Aegis systems are not designed to pick up smaller aircraft, apparently.  US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo dreamed up an excuse for the failure, saying that “some of the finest in the world don’t always pick things up.” This would perhaps be plausible if only one Patriot launcher was online at the time of the attack

U.S. Navy photo by Jayme Pastoric

aegis 9

(A B-52H Stratofortress aircraft assigned to the 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron lands at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, May 8, 2019. The Bomber Task Force is deployed to U.S. Central Command to defend American forces and interests in the region.)

Apparently all the kings horses and all the kings men…


Saudis Aramco was just about to offer a public sale of shares in the company in a couple of weeks – Aramco just lost half its value.

The Duran 20 Sept 2019


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