Home » Uncategorized » Germany: A Follower of “Terrorism” Drives Truck Into Cars on the Street in Limburg – Syrian “Refugee” Performs Propaganda of the Deed – 7 Oct 2019

Germany: A Follower of “Terrorism” Drives Truck Into Cars on the Street in Limburg – Syrian “Refugee” Performs Propaganda of the Deed – 7 Oct 2019

Limburg, Germany:  A person from Syria who supports the ideology of ‘terrorism’ hijacked a truck and smashed into cars at a stop light.
Police boldly labelled the man’s motivation for the action as “terrorism.”  The refugee was allowed in to Germany where followers of Terrorism are welcomed and criticizing Terrorism can land a person in jail if they put their opposition to Terrorism online or in writing.

The refugee is in his early thirties and was speaking Arabic when pulled from the cab of the Mercedes truck was shouting in Arabic and used the Arabic name of an unnamed religion’s Illah or God.  The name is Allah bystanders claim while the police claimed that they heard nothing and saw nothing.


The Terrorist injured at least nine people who were in the eight vehicles he struck that were stopped at a traffic light.
Since large numbers of the Terrorist ideology were admitted to Germany since 2015 people have a pretty good idea as to who commits actions like truck attacks.

Broadcaster ZDF, Germany’s public news organization,  reports that police initially said they were baffled as to the man’s motive because he was speaking Arabic.  Many in Germany say that more police who speak Arabic and understand the Terrorist ideology are needed.  There are too many white German men on the police forces who are constantly baffled by the Terrorist beliefs of refugees.


The last big Terrorist truck attack killed twelve people at a Christmas street fair in 2016 by a Tunisian follower of Terrorism.  Apparently this follower of Terrorism could not wait till Christmas.
Police have urged people to make sure their vehicle doors are locked because Terrorism is just an everyday part of life in Germany with so many refugees being brought into the country.

The public broadcaster ZDF has vowed to hire more believers in Terrorism to make refugees feel welcome and a part of Germany.

Police have vowed to become less ‘baffled’ the next time Terrorism and those who follow the belief system of Terror strikes.

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