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Portland OR: The Sad Death of Sean Kealiher Outside Cider Riot – News the Local News Simply Can’t Or Won’t See – There Will be More Violence Between Right and Left – 14 Oct 2019

Clueless Reporting – What happened? The young anarchist has been going to Leftist and populist protests since he first showed up at age 13 to Occupy Portland where he slept out with other protesters. He has been around the Anarchist scene ever since. He has been videoed at numerous protests. He was given a 15 day jail sentence for assault and battery on opponents. Judges do not give people time in lockup for simple shoving matches at heated demonstrations. The Cider Riot bar where he is a frequent customer is an organizing spot for left wing anarchists and similar people. Right wing opponents have shown up more than once at Cider Riot to bring their opposition to the Leftists.

Sean Kealiher

What happened the other night? Probably the SUV with Right Wingers drove by and shouted insults or challenges to the Leftists outside the bar. Sean Kealiher probably shouted things back, and got in the street to block or attack the SUV and the Rightists. The driver of the SUV hit Sean Kealiher. A leftist armed with a firearm of some kind fired shots at the SUV leaving the scene and the SUV crashed into a tree near the Democratic Party building close to the Cider Riot bar. The SUV driver and passengers fled the scene under gunfire.

Sean 2

The friends of Kealiher did not call an ambulance. They were heard telling the dying youth, “Walk, man.” As if that is a way to treat someone who was struck by a car. The anarchist refused to call police and instead of waiting for an ambulance and medical professionals who would have told them not to move an injured person they decided to put Sean Kealiher in a private car and drive him to the hospital themselves.

Unfortunately Sean Kealiher died. The police arrested the people who brought him to the hospital to question how they came to be transporting an injured dying man to a hospital with no call to authorities.

sean 4

Who was in the SUV. The license plates will give the police a pretty good idea who the owner of the vehicle was. If the police had been called right away the people who hit Sean Kealiher might have been apprehended withing minutes. But, anarchists don’t call the police.

The ‘news’ report looks like it was something written by someone in high school who has very little idea of how the city they live in operates. Or, are the ‘reporters’ afraid to express observations which just about any adult in a coffee shop in the neighborhood would make. But, all of this is speculation, no speculation allowed on the news. “He had a wonderful smile.” That’s the news. Look forward to more Left vs Right in Portland, and this may not be the last time there is gunfire or sadly a death. I’m thousands and thousands of miles away and I can see this, why can’t some people in Portland see what is right in front of their eyes?

sean 5

Sean Kealiher – Requiescat in pace et in amore



Darryl Perez, who lives less than a block from the site of the crash, said Monday that it appeared to him that the deadly encounter started with a road rage confrontation.

Perez said he was in his tent across from the Democratic headquarters, 232 Northeast Ninth Avenue, when he heard two cars speeding up Northeast Everett Street before coming to an abrupt stop near Ninth Avenue.

Perez said he heard people from both cars begin to argue, followed by the sound of a physical altercation.

“I heard someone say, ‘The best thing you can do right now is get back in your car and drive out of here because otherwise I’ll kill you,’” Perez recalled one of the people saying.

Perez said he then heard the sound of a collision. Four gunshots came next, he said.

That’s when he came out of his tent, Perez said, and saw an SUV stalled on the sidewalk in front of the Democratic headquarters. Nearby, two people stood over a bloody man on the ground, he said.

“The two dudes kept telling their friend to get up and walk, but he wasn’t moving,” Perez said.

The two people picked up the man, according to Perez, and started dragging him across the street, creating a trail of blood behind them.

The three eventually got into the car and drove off, Perez said. He said he could not identify the make and model of the car.

Perez, who has lived off the corner of Northeast Everett and Ninth for about two weeks, said he provided his account to police.



Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Killed In Hit And Run Outside Cider Riot


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