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The Strange Death of Sean Kealiher AKA Armenio – Portland Antifa Anarchist Hit By SUV Under Gunfire – Nobody’s Talking – 18 Oct 2019

Why haven’t the police announced who was in the SUV that apparently struck Sean Kealiher?  The police arrived on the scene of an accident where the bullet riddled SUV was near the Democratic Party Headquarters.  No one was in the vehicle.  Police must have seen the license plates on the crashed SUV and run the license number through their computer system within ten minutes of arriving on the scene.  Perhaps a search might take longer, but, days later there seems to be nothing in the press reports of who the owner of the vehicle is and who was driving in the vehicle.

sean 5

A man who was sleeping rough in a tent a short distance from where the crash occurred said that there were loud arguments and one tough guy told people to leave the area or get physically beaten.  Was that Sean Kealiher who was a reputed martial arts practitioner and is online in a number of videos at demonstrations threatening people with violence. 

Sean 2

In the upside down world of anarchist flavored Cider Riot drinking establishment people think that they are living in Nazi German conditions from the 1930’s.  The anarchists see the police as fascists or agents of fascists.  So, the anarchists are proud to say, “we don’t call the police.”  The anarchist also don’t want to talk to the police to help find out what led to Sean Kealiher’s death in the street at the young age of twenty-three.  The police are the armed agents of the authoritarian state.  The police are viewed by the anarchists as proto-fascists forces.  So no one who saw Sean Kealiher knocked down wants to tell any Portland police officer what they saw.  In the anarchist mind they are living in Nazi Germany and resisting the forces of fascism and darkness. 

Sean Kealiher

Taking things one step further into a delusional understanding of the society they live in Sean Kealiher’s mother asked people at a memorial in the street where the young man fell to not talk to ‘the media’ either because they tell lies.   So, as little publicity as possible might get out and in a few days most people have forgotten that a young man was struck down in the street in the middle of the night while he thought he was fighting ghosts from fascist Germany.  What a nightmare. 

sean 4

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