I saw a lone figure on a bench in the park at Codman Square

Like a ghostly apparition the grey blanket covered figure was sitting upright on the wrought iron bench at seven thirty in the morning. Nothing moved. I walked by looking, horrified. How many empty apartments are there in the City of Boston. What has this man done to end up like this – sleeping in a park in ragged clothes with a blanket as a roof. Around him there were some empty plastic liquor bottles. A taller bottle was in a brown bag. A good night sedative at the end of a hot day on the streets of Dorchester. Welcome to Boston.


Patrick Modiano – 2014 Nobe Prize in Literature

Patrick Modiano, a French writer who has written moody, terse and occasionally dreamlike novels often set during the German Nazi occupation of France, won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature


“This prize will help raise the global profile of one of our consummate writers.  He is a master of writing on memory and occupation, which haunt and inform his work. He is a chronicler of Paris, its streets, its past and its present.”

Patrick Modiano, a Modern ‘Proust’  http://xenagoguevicene.livejournal.com/34994.html

George Benson – White Rabbit – In my dreams I hear the song

The song  on Daily Motion 

I made this video a while back.  I two different things combined to make something new.  The song about chasing ‘rabbits’ down holes and ending up with consequences that were unintended.  When I was a little kid there was great worry about a nuclear war.  I asked my father why we didn’t have a ‘fallout shelter’ in our basement.  The video shows some of the scenes from back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the US was confronting Russia with a possible nuclear war between the two countries.  Again, in 2014, there is an increase in the chance of a nuclear war between Russia and the US.  Chasing rabbits….