Wonderland: Images of Alice

Years ago when I was working on a printing press during the evening shift I copied many pictures of Alice in Wonderland on the office copy machine.  I had books from the library and this was before I had a scanner at home.  Some of the pictures were small.  A couple years back I took out my paper file of Alice images and scanned them and enlarged them and removed blemishes.  I put the image file on Imgur http://imgur.com/a/0x4Cealice and have the video on Youtube and here:

Banned Again

One week I’m banned from Reddit, the next week Craigslist, and last night Youtube.  I suppose I should be flattered that I can stir such strong feelings.

On Youtube I uploaded a video I made called ‘Real Girls Get Real Drunk’ with a slideshow of many different young women drinking alcohol, or drunk and passed out.  I made one version with a Serge Gainsbourg drum beat song, and then made a second version with Top Pop song hit five second samples from 1963.  The Pop Song sample video took off and got 3,500,000 views.  I was getting 40,000 views a day and lots of comments.

But when my account was ended four years ago for copyright violations the video was gone from my account.  I put it on Dailymotion video share site, but it is ‘age restricted’ so it gets less views as random people can’t just click and see it.  I had the video on Vimeo video share site where I paid to have commercial free showings, but I was kicked off that site for copyright violation.  So….I think I’ll put the video here