The Church of Logic, sin, and love…..

I’ve had this song running through the back of my head for days. So I looked the work up online. I wanted to hear a cover version before I heard the studio major artist I remember. I found only two lonely cover versions by two small time bands. The first one was not bad, so I copied it to use as a sound track in something later. The second was in a bar, and noisy, one woman in the audience, off camera, is as loud as the band, so the performance was ruined. Only 98 views – no wonder.

The original was by “The Men.” What a name.

The band singing this song was on ‘mix tape’ video I made about 1994 of interesting songs. I still like the lyrics. Almost like a Hemingway short story, sketching out the minimum. I always assumed they were singing about a real road trip they had been on. One album from this ‘one hit wonder’ band. A good song that stands the test of time. I salute them by still singing their words out loud.

( I’d put a link to the song, but I think I get labelled as spam or something, but, look it up, nice video )

They weren’t surprised by the wind and rain
They took off anyway — east, I think that’s what they did
They were just two of the wildest, bored creatures on earth
Fed up with work, strip bars and loneliness galore
In an old oldsmobile that one of them bought off their father
They ate up so much road — they was grinnin’
(Then they came upon the thing)

This is real — this is now
This is the freak show baby anyhow
On the church of logic, sin and love
Heals the curious magic soul
Big top drama from head to toe
Cactus, venom, rodeo
On the church of logic, sin and love

Two hours later they decided to stop at a diner
Because they loved the smell of eggs and coffee
I just had to smoke a cigarette and wear a hat
By the time that they set off again, the sun was starting to set
It made the sky look red like a nuclear ray
One of them said “what do you want more than anything
in this whole wide world
Do you want money, do you want sex, or do you want all that success?”
I thought about that myself
(Then they came upon the thing)


The thing ahead sixty miles, do no miss
Not for the squeamish or depressed, not for the unbelievers
Truly obsessed — something you just don’t wanna miss
It’s the kind of place where space explorers could have landed
Around 1963 — when John F. Kennedy was in Life Magazine
And everything was aqua marine,

chorus out…